Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

I have already reached my goal,
Allowing Christ to have control;
Since I have completed the course,
By giving to Satan a divorce.

I am always going out to win,
Separating myself from all sin;
Even though Jesus Christ has won,
On the cross has already done.

No need for you to place your bet,
But I am not a winner yet;
For what I do is not look back,
As I just ignore any flack.

I go out and lengthen my stride,
While running on the inside;
Then I run straight to win the prize,
That God offered to make me wise.

When you take another step,
It will give you just some more pep;
Remembering of another stone,
To be facing God on the throne.

When faith is completely mature,
You need to find an open door;
A way for you to get back home,
No longer allowing to roam.

If you are thinking not the same,
Then you just might falsely proclaim;
And the truth will not be in you,
You are unable to construe.

The Lord can show you how to think,
So you will be well in the pink;
As well as with being your guide,
As long as you will still abide.

Originally posted 2014-01-10 18:50:51.