Thanks you Jesus

Thank You for being my personal Lord and Savior.
Thank You and our Heavenly Father the Lord God
for being my navigator and pilot.
Thank You for being my assistor and intercessor.

Thank You being my guiding light.
Thank You for the holy blood You unselfishly
shed for me on that old rugged cross at Calvary,
so that I can be saved.

Thank You for through the shedding of Your holy
blood, You washed me of all my sins.
Thank You for the suffering You did for me
on that old rugged cross.

Thank You for loving me so much as to lay down
Your life for me a lowly sinner. Then on the 
day walk out of Your grave, so that I
am now free from the chains of Satan that
bound me because of sin.

Originally posted 2012-07-02 20:18:34.